Thursday, July 10, 2008

Welcome to my Blog . . .

As a candidate for State Rep., Dist. 18, my main focus will be on the issues of abusiveness.

Right now, the working class of this community, of this state, and of this country, are being attacked and abused in one way or another.

It should not be tolerated, and will not be tolerated any longer. Whether you are abused in the home, outside the home, by the legal system, or by the politicians, now is the time to make changes, for time is running out. The old ways of conducting business are beginning to catch up with us, and we need to make the required adjustments. Believe me, if nothing is done, it will only get worse, and that's a fact.

This society has forgotten the vast differences between acceptance and tolerance. We need not forget, how hard our parents worked, our grandparents, and of course, the people before them, who had laid the foundation in place, to make life better for generations to come. There were certain morals and values that were instilled in us, that are now under attack. The family unit, which is, and always will be, the core of any society, has been manipulated and even destroyed, by outside influences that can be overwhelming, giving us a feeling of hopelessness. I, myself, am dealing with these outside influences, that are affectng my family in ways that only a "Spiritual Awakening", can have any influence in redirecting them at this juncture. But,they are not alone. There are many confused and lost souls seeking guidence for their precarious state of mind. I've learned, that having some type of spirituality makes a difference. As the "Hunter and Provider", of the Family, it is very important never to give up on the people you love and care about, even if their energy is being diverted elsewhere. If there is any balance in your life, you begin to understand there are people, especially the ones who are closest to you, that have forgotten, or never really understood the reason we were put here in the first place. To see the "Light", you must first understand yourself, and then, and only then, will you begin to realize what is important in life. In this delusional society of ours, it's too bad people must be "humbled" first, to understand, that hatred and resentment causes nothing but destruction. But, when we put our trust in other people, who, we think are looking out for our best interest's, and then we find out that we are being manipulated, used and abused, it's time for major changes.

It's not to late... if you take a deep breath, and say to yourself, do I really need to tolerate this? Do I really need these outside influences interfering with my livelihood?

Of course you don't. Stop pitying yourself and take action! Garner the strength and the ability of whatever it takes to make the changes that are needed. But it won't be easy. The "Power Brokers", as I call them, are doing everything possible to make sure the strings of their "Corporate Puppets" (certain politicians) are not severed. These Power Brokers, or "Big Money", have conditioned us to believe we are powerless in deciding our own destiny.

We as a rightous people can make it happen, but it's up to you, as an individual first, to rally friends and neighbors in making these necessary changes। Right now, the economy is headed for disaster, and I believe the worse is yet to come, but this will occur "after" the elections। The Feds are still pumping liquidity (dollars), on the open market, the very thing that created these problems we're in right now. The foreclosures in this country are monumental, and this is at a time when we are payng record gas prices, record food prices, massive government and consumer debt. One of the largest brokerage firms (Bear Sterns) in the country would have gone under, if not bailed out by the Fed. One of the largest banks in this country goes under, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are nearly insolvent, and the list goes on, and will continue. People, this will not be your typical down cycle, there is much more suffering ahead. The next shoe to drop will be "The Pay Option Arm Mortgages", which will adjust this Fall. Watch what happens when these kick in. The "Realestate Market" is headed lower folks, and the "Power Brokers" do not want any part of your suffering, that is why they control the "Corporate Puppets" for their own needs, no other reasons. Also, keep a watchful eye on the dollar, gold, and now the bank stocks. These are very good indicators of where this economy is headed. As someone who had retired at 40 and lost just about everything at 50, I left my guard down and let "other people" control my destiny, and that, inevitably put me in my current situation. I know what I'm talking about, please, do not make the same mistake.

As a candidate, I will donate my salary to any organization that is affiliated with underprivilaged kids, that's how passionate I am about this. I'm not going to fix everything, some things at this point cannot be fixed, but I will tell you this, I have no problem taking on and exposing the "master manipulators", who have and are creating this abuse. If you want someone who will work diligently for you, the working class, I promise, I'm the person for the job.

Don't kid yourself, we are now living in an age of "lies and deceit", and the "Power Brokers", are doing everything possible to continue their abusive ways. Let me say, they are not immune to what is happening with the economy, it will only take them a little longer to realize it. If you view yourself as one of the working class, use good judgement when making your decisions, it's right in front of you, of what is expected. History proves what happens if "nothing" is done. Do a little research on the great civilizations throughout time. What led to their demise? Are we headed in the same direction? That's the question only "you" can answer. Walshie

Finally have some time to update Blog. Well, we now know Doc Renuart is the Republican Candidate I will be facing in Nov. Congratulations Doc, for your victory over, you know who ? I want people to know, I have nothing against Doc and the Dem. Candidate, Dave Smith, they are both good people. The problem I have is the (2) Party System. As an Independent, I answer only to the people, again without a salary, perks, and NO special interest. My friends running against me, cannot do that, they answer to the Party, that's a fact. My solutions involve everyone, their solutions involve only specific powers within the Party they represent. That makes a big difference, especially where the economy is headed. As I stated months ago, the economy should be the number one priorty. Without money, essential programs cannot be funded. Also, as I stated months ago here on the blog, at political forums, and on the radio, the financial crises is beginning to unfold. Once again people, the worse is yet to come, after the elections. The Fed is desperately trying to keep the economy afloat, but it's to late, and it's been to late. This will NOT be your typical down cycle (recession). The "Speculators" have jumped ship in the commodities pit for instance, bringing oil down $55 a barrel in two months, just shows how the markets are manipulated, something I explained in past forums months ago. The working people need to be educated to what is really going on with the economy, and I will do that. My counter-parts have no idea where this financial crises is headed. They get their information from the "Power Brokers" in their respected Party, the same people that created this mess were in right now. Don't be fooled by what the (2) Party's are telling you, it will be business as usual, I promise you. I will keep you informed about the economy.

The other major issue we need to focus on, is the abuse of Government Officials. They are doing their very best to keep things the way they are, but realize there is a movement now in place, to make drastic changes in the overall Governmental System. Of course they do not want this, but they will have no choice, the movemnet for change is to powerful. One such Governmental Enity, is the Legal System. This has got to be one of the most abusive, political, bias, and prejudice branches of Government, that is destroying not only "American Democracy", but the "American Family". This repulsive disease that is spreading among Lawyers and Judges, has created a Legal System that now obstructs Justice. Even the good Lawyers and Judges realize this, and are fighting back, to rid out these "unscrupulous individuals", and consequences for this type of behavior, must be implemented. There are many, many people I've talked to, who are or have, suffered the abusiveness of these individuals, but I have solutions. These to, will be explained very soon. I will be updating more often since election time is around the corner....have a good one !mailto:!